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You deserve a price range for your cabinetry on your first visit.

A seasoned professional should be able to give you an accurate price range for your project on your first visit if...

1. You have a set of floor plans for your new construction project
2. You have plans for your remodeling project.

If a designer is worth his or her salt, he or she should be able to give you a fairly accurate price range based on the different offerings they have available to you.


Lastly, do not be afraid of giving your designer your budget. A good designer can not work with you without a budget. Once you give your designer a budget, he or she should be able to steer you in the direction of the products and design that will compliment your budget.

Think about it for a minute... Would you go to an architect to have a house plan drawn up without telling him or her a budget range for the house? Of course not. The same is true with designing a kitchen The same kitchen can be designed in price ranges that would amaze you. If you don't trust your designer enough to give a budget range, one of two things is wrong. Either you have not spent enough time with the designer for him or her to earn your trust, or they are not trustworthy based on your evaluation. Either way, trust is critical.

Sometimes, we have NO idea what a budget range could be. I recall having someone over to build a custom piece of furniture not long ago. Based on my significant knowledge of the cabinetry industry, I had a rough idea of what the item would cost. It was about double what I had anticipated. Why?? The work was all done locally - not in a factory. A factory has a huge advantage of scale of production to lower labor and material costs. If you are unsure, ask your designer to give you rough budget ranges to think about.

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