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Selecting a kitchen designer

Remember I told you that some designers have designed horrible kitchens?

It took me less than a minute on Google image search to find photos of a huge kitchen with virtually no set off space to the right of the cooking surface. This is a prime example of poor design in terms of usability. I see kitchens like this all the time in huge homes with huge kitchens. Sadly, this happens more often than not. Too often the design is purely for aesthetics. Beautiful kitchens are not always functional. This thoughtless design makes my head spin!


A true functional kitchen is much more difficult to design. The designer must get to know you and your family habits. The designer must know if you are right or left handed, the type of cooking you do, how you shop, how many will be in the kitchen and so forth. The designer must take inventory of the types of things you will store in your kitchen as well as the "style" of entertaining. This is not a fast process, but well worth the time spent. A good designer is not easy to find. When you find one, don't get cheap and try and find a lesser expensive solution. You will save money in the long run with a good designer.

Not all certified designers are qualified. It is your responsibility to ask the right questions in order to make sure you are working with someone who is capable of producing the perfect kitchen for you.

It is critical to choose a good designer, and as I mentioned the NKBA is a great resource. (I have no affiliation with the NKBA)

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